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Shenzhen Rongjun Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen specializing in air-conditioning purification system engineering design, installation, sales, technology research and development and service. The company's services involve different areas, different levels and different scales of purification works. Absorbing the advanced purification technology at home and abroad, combining with the specific situation of domestic purification in engineering practice, the planning concept and engineering quality control technology of clean room are constantly innovated. Through long-term accumulation and innovation, the unique design concept, construction measures and quality assurance system of Rongjun are formed, which makes Rongjun's technology unique. A school of its own. In strict accordance with the US Federal FS209E Standard, China GBJ73-84 National Standard and GMP Specification, it can provide comprehensive services for high-tech industries such as electronics, cosmetics, photoelectric technology, bioengineering, medical and health care, diet and beverage, precision instruments, etc. from 10 to 1 million levels of purification design, installation, testing, maintenance, technical support and other comprehensive services. . The company will be in line with the "professional, dedicated, dedicated" business philosophy, with more advanced technology, better quality products, more reasonable prices, more perfect service, feedback to our customers. And sincerely wish us a happy and successful cooperation.
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Sterile operating room industry 
Dongguan duRun photoelectric technology co., LTD
Clean workshop renovation, anti - static floor, air conditioning, air shower and cleaning equipment installation and maintenance
Shenzhen LongHua  
 People's Hospital 
Laboratory renovation, air shower room, transfer window, large counter, air conditioning and other high-efficiency clean equipment installation and procurement
Guangdong chaoYe electronics     co., LTD
LED dust-free workshop purification system, production line increase, air conditioning transformation, steel platform increase and purification equipment procurement
Huizhou yuhao technology level 10 laundry room
The original laundry room was renovated into a ten-level ultra-clean laundry room, new equipment was added, floor reconstruction, exhaust duct, air conditioning, drainage pipe and other equipment procurement and installation
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